Sake Institute of Ontario

A Sake Day Celebration at Shibui Robata Bar

Shibui Robata- Bar

September 29, 2014

time 6:30 pm

A Sake Day Celebration at Shibui Robata Bar

October 1st commemorates the beginning of sake brewing season in Japan, known as Nihonshu no Hi, or Sake Day. Since 1978, both the sake brewing community and sake lovers from around the world have celebrated this date. To commemorate this, the Sake Institute of Ontario is happy to announce our third annual Sake Day celebration. This year, the focus will be on the many different regions of the world where sake is made. This will be an opportunity to explore, learn and taste sake through the lens of regionality, as our members will be pouring sakes from the many prefectures throughout Japan and the world. All sake enthusiasts and newcomers alike are welcome to come and pay homage to sake!

This year’s Sake Day festivities will be held at Shibui Robata Bar, where the sake poured will be enjoyed with the delicious hot charcoal dishes created by Chef Masaki. Kampai!

WHERE: Shibui Robata Bar (230 Adelaide Street West)
DATE: Monday, September 29th
TIME: 6:30-9PM