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We Welcome the Trade & Media to Kampai 2018


The Sake Institute of Ontario (SIO) is proud to announce the 7th annual Kampai Toronto Festival of Sake taking place on Thursday May 31, 2018 at the Fermenting Cellar in the historic Distillery District, Toronto.

Kampai Toronto is the largest sake tasting event in Canada, with sold out crowds for the last 6 years. The more than 850 attendees includes sake brewers, restaurateurs, industry experts, media, and general sake enthusiasts. Attendees have the opportunity to meet brewers, learn about sake, and taste a wide selection of sake, often not easily accessible to the general public.

Kampai Toronto is a cultural, food, and sake festival showcasing sake from over 40 breweries from Japan and around the world, featuring over 175 sakes with many brewers flying in from Japan for this special event. Along with sake, the festival also showcases a selection of tasting items from Toronto’s top local Japanese and contemporary restaurant partners.


Sake is a rice-brewed beverage with more than a thousand years of history in its homeland of Japan. With its growing popularity abroad, breweries have also sprung throughout the world and is presently made in every continent. In 2015, “Japanese Sake” or “Nihonshu” was awarded a Geographical Indication by the World Trae Organization, recognizing its long history and cultural significance. Sake’s recent resurgence in the Japanese and international market is partially due to its elegance and versatility when paired with other cuisines. Unlike other alcohols, most sake is produced in small batches at artisanal breweries and is considered craft with many distinct classifications. Kampai Toronto is a rare opportunity to experience the depth and complexity of this Japanese tradition.

This is an age 19+ event.


The Trade & Media Session is comprised of a seminar in the Thompson Landry Cooperage Gallery (for those who register) followed by a walk around tasting in the main Kampai space at the Fermenting Cellar.

The Terroir of Sake

Trade & Media Seminar

This seminar and guided tasting will explore the regionality of Japanese Sake, and how topography, water sources, rice, local cuisine and other factors impact regional styles. With distinct sake producing areas in Japan garnering Geographical Indication and worldwide recognition, join our panel of visiting ‘Sake Samurais’ and local Sake Experts as they lead you through an exciting discussion and tasting that will provide invaluable insight into Sake’s regionality.

When: May 31, 12:45-2PM
Location: Thompson Landry Cooperage Building

Walk Around Tasting

Trade & Media Session

The Walk Around Tasting allows for a more intimate dialogue with our international guests comprised of sake brewers, brewery Presidents, sake experts and other representatives. There are over 175 sake to sample with representatives on hand to explain the finer points of their wares.

When: May 31, 2-4PM
Location: Fermenting Cellar