Sake Institute of Ontario

International Sake Day 2020

Sake Traveler 

Thank you for joining us to celebrate Nihonshu No Hi! Hope you have a great time with your favourite sake and food.

How to participate:

    1. Order food from a restaurant either for dine-in or take out
    2. Take a photo of your choice of sake (from restaurant or LCBO) with food, post on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) while tagging SIO and restaurant
      * Instagram: @kampaitoronto / Twitter: @KampaiToronto / Facebook: @sakeinstituteofontario
    3. You receive one virtual raffle ticket for every 3 posts you make Ex. 6 posts=2 raffle tickets
    4. SIO will draw from raffle submissions at the end of event and announce a winner for a pair of free VIP tickets to our next Kampai Toronto event