Sake Institute of Ontario


What is Kampai Toronto?
Who are the organizers of Kampai Toronto?
Who can attend Kampai Toronto?
How many guests will attend Kampai Toronto?
Are there special rates / arrangements for a group booking?
How many sakes will be poured? Are they available through the LCBO?
Will there be tickets available at the Door?
I don’t drink alcohol – is there a Non-Drinking Ticket available?
My plans have changed – are Tickets refundable?
What is Kampai Toronto doing to promote responsible drinking?
What Public Transit options are available to attend Kampai Toronto?
What Parking options are available at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre?
What type of glassware will be used at the Festival?
How do I volunteer at the Festival?
I am a Member of Media. Who do I contact for information / Media inquiries?
How much are sake and food tastings?